French level

You are trying to register in a class but have hesitations concerning which level you are at. My French Story explains the requirements and goals of each level.

• Beginners

The Beginner Class is for students that have never studied French before. You may know some elementary vocabulary and expressions but your notions of grammar and conjugation are restricted. The main goal of the Beginner class is to start learning essential vocabulary to build simple sentences while learning the basics of French grammar. The beginner class will also focus on student’s  ability to understand oral French.

• Intermediate

The Intermediate Class is designed for students that have already studied French and have a good vocabulary base along with a good command of basic grammar (feminine, masculine) and verb conjugation (Présent, Passe composé) but wish to strengthen their grammar notions and expand their vocabulary while developing their oral skills.

• Advanced 

The Advanced Class is designed for students that can hold a conversation, talk in a spontaneous way on various subjects, have a good understanding of oral French and a broad vocabulary. The goal of the Advanced Class is to build confidence in your oral skills while strengthening your writing skills by working on more complex sentences and grammar aspects.